....killed by a driver high on drink and drugs.

He got 10 years...

This is Evey

aged 10

from the Isle of Wight.


Let's help save other by spreading awareness.

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Our Story

Isle Drive Safe - Remember Evey is an Isle Of Wight road safety charity formed by families of people killed in road traffic incidents on the Island.

Formed in November 2014 the charity is run primarily by the family of Evey Rose Staley who, in August 2012, at the age of ten, was killed by a speeding, drunk and drugged driver whilst heading to the shops with her Mum and Dad.

The following year Evey's Story was used for Hampshire and Isle of Wight and Thames Valley Constabularies Christmas drink drive campaign.  When this finished, the idea of the charity was born to keep the momentum of the campaign running.

The aim of Isle Drive Safe is to raise road safety awareness and help reduce casualties on the Island's roads.

Isle Drive Safe is now part of the Isle of Wight Road Safety Forum, which is formed by Island Roads, Isle of Wight council,  and the Isle of Wight Emergency Services.

The Isle of Wight Road Safety Forum is here to make substantial changes and create awareness for any type of road safety issue. This can be from a simple educational poster, to amending how a road junction is engineered.

Neal & Penny's Story.

Neal and Penny Staley lost their ten-year-old daughter Evey when the family car was hit by another being driven by a man more than twice over the drink/drive limit and who had been smoking cannabis. The impact on their life was and continues to be truly devastating.

The Aunt & Uncle's Story.

Alan and Hayley Staley are Evey's aunt and uncle. With both of Evey's parents critically injured, it was down to them to take care of Evey's 14-year-old sister Ellie, and to help the family pick up the pieces of their lives after the tragic crash.

The Investigating Officers' Story.

Sergeant Rob Heard was the senior investigating officer of the collision in which 10 year old Evey Staley died. In this video, he outlines the circumstances of the crash which led to Robert Blakely receiving a ten year prison sentence.

Impaired Driver Unit officer's Story.

PC Jon Lansley is a Roads Policing Officer who attended the collision in which Evey Staley lost her life. He is also a leading force specialist in drink and drug impaired driving. In this film, he talks about dealing with the driver of the car that hit the Staley's vehicle, and about how drugs and alcohol seriously affect your driving.

The Doctor's Story.

Dr Mariam Rice treated Neal and Penny Staley in the immediate aftermath of the collision that killed their daughter. In this interview, she talks movingly about having to break the news of Evey's fatal injuries Neal, to discuss organ donation, and the lasting impact the collision has had on her.

Time to say goodbye...

Over the last couple of months certain aspects of my family’s lives have changed, making me consider what’s best for our future wellbeing. My wife, daughter and I continue to need help to enable us to deal with the trauma and loss we have witnessed and faced over the past five years.  I now realise that this is the right time for us to move onto the next part of our lives and with a house move in the near future, it’s a chance, we hope, for a new beginning without our precious girl. After nearly five years, her loss and the horrific, needless way in which she died, is as difficult as ever to bare but I feel that with an upcoming chance for change, we can now get on a little and try to find some peace.

So, for us to move on in the way we wish, I have to announce that with great sadness, the charity, Isle Drive Safe – Remember Evey, will no longer continue as of today.  It has been an incredibly difficult decision to make but one brought about by our continued ill health, it goes without saying that my family’s immediate and future wellbeing will always come first. The emotive subject of road safety is one we have chosen to address day in, day out over the past few years, providing us with much needed focus at a devastating time in our lives. It has played a large part in helping us try to process our loss.

The support and generosity shown towards my family and I by the Island community has been humbling and has truly made my decision much harder to make.  I still remain passionate about safer roads and urge every one of you to badger the policy makers and seats of power to do something about making our roads safer because, in my eyes, we are being short changed on the Island when it comes to duty of care for our residents on our roads.

To all of our incredible supporters and contributors, there are so many and I apologise if I miss you; Specsavers, Novum Law, HSS, Team Morrisons, Vectis Ventures, The Needles, Oakfield Stores, Southern Vectis, Andrew Turners Office, The County Press, Isle of Wight Radio, The Beacon, Bestival, Tracy Watt, Newgents, Mooksgoo, DLIW, David Randini, our wonderful Police, Fire and Ambulance services, Corina Sewell at the Innovation Centre, Quizmasters, Parachutists, all of the children and schools who have contributed so much, everyone who took collection pots for us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts in making the last few years such a great success and we can assure each and every one of you, your contributions will have saved many from injury and some from far worse.

To the trustees and committee, your commitment and compassion has been second to none and I’m blessed to have had a group who I can now call my friends. Thank you.

Our charity committee has decided that the funds we have raised are going to be used to complete and distribute, a key stage one and two, road safety workbook. The remaining funds will be split equally and distributed to each of the primary schools on the Island with a caveat that the donations must be used for road safety initiatives for the children.

Finally, road safety is everyone’s responsibility, whether you’re sat behind the wheel of your vehicle, sat on your bike or just being a pedestrian, think about what happened to Evey and others like her. Don’t be that person who turns a blind eye to the drink and drug driver, stick to the limits, they are there to protect you too.  Put your phone in the glove box when you drive, a life is not of equal value to a text message or facebook post. Teach your children and lead by example, it only takes a seconds distraction to devastate so many lives in ways you can’t even begin to imagine.

So please, Drive Safe – Remember Evey.

Thank you,

Chair – Isle Drive Safe – Remember Evey



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